If you would like to continue to progress your clinical skills with some additional reading, here are some great links. Other clinical resources and products are shown lower down on this page, including alcohol gel and needling supplies. 

Discover Physio courses – including The Series, Discover the Sports Pelvis and Discover the Sports Thorax. The following books have been recommended by Discover Physio, and complement the Integrated Systems Model and the material taught on Discover Physio courses.

The BookDepository


Audiobooks at!

Book Depository is currently the cheapest place to purchase The Pelvic Girdle and  The Mindful Therapist amongst others, and also offers free shipping. Click on the picture above to take you to their website.




For the Discover Physio Series, you will also need to purchase the Mobile Mini-Pelvis and the Thorax model. We recommend purchasing the Mobile Mini-Pelvis if you are attending the Sports Pelvis course as well. Sports Thorax attendees can purchase the Thoracic spine models after attending the Sports Thorax. These are available from


Running & Walking– assisting your understanding of the biomechanics of running and walking, so you can analyse running styles and provide cues for patient education




Dry Needling and Acupuncture

The following texts will help add to your understanding of Acupuncture and Dry Needling 


Medical Acupuncture: A Western Scientific Approach

WHO Standard Acupuncture Locations in the Western Pacific Region

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture: Fundamentals of Meridian Therapy


Mountain Biking – great information on bike setup, training and skills you can use with your patients that do any sort of mountain biking





Presentation and Teaching





Chlorhexidine/Alcohol Swabs (for dry needling purposes)

Available from Medical Specialties Australia



Item number  101.02


Solumed SOLU-I.V. Swabs

Antiseptic swabs impregnated with a solution of 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and 70% alcohol.


Phone (02) 9417 7955



Spirigel Alcohol Gel

Available from CH2 at


or Symbion



Hexifoam – Antiseptic Chlorhexidine Foam Handwash

Available from Symbion



Sensei Needles

Available from Acuneeds 

Phone 1800 678 789