Runners regularly present for treatment of anterior knee pain. Accurate diagnosis is vital in guiding your treatment, and helping your patients return to painfree running. In episode 53 of the Physio Edge podcast Brad Neal and David Pope discuss the different patient presentations with anterior knee pain, along with the subjective clues and objective tests that […]


In this second podcast on hip and groin pain with Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner Benoy Mathew, we explore: How you can assess the hip and groin How to assess the lumbar spine, SIJ and the lower limb for factors contributing to your patient’s groin pain Tests you can perform to identify the source of […]


Acute and chronic groin pain is common in sports, however diagnosis can be challenging. A thorough understanding of pathology around the hip and groin and when pathology relates to symptoms, knowledge of potential red flags, along with patterns and symptoms associated with each diagnosis is vital in guiding your treatment of hip and groin pain. […]


ACL injuries commonly occur during pivoting and change of direction sports. What is the best way to manage these injuries? Are your patients suitable for conservative managment or will they require surgery? In Physio Edge podcast 052, David Pope and Enda King discuss acute management of ACL injuries, and how you can help your patient […]


Lateral knee injuries are common in football with landing from a jump or header, or during tackles when the tibia is forced into external rotation. This mechanism of injury often affects the Lateral/Fibular collateral ligament (LCL), however LCL injury is not always obvious from the patient’s history, and can be misdiagnosed. In this podcast with […]


Temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction can significantly impact your patients life, limiting their ability to enjoy eating and talking. Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) has a lot of musculoskeletal contributors that physiotherapists are perfectly positioned to treat and help improve patient’s lives. In episode 50 of the Physio Edge podcast, Dr Stephen Shaffer and David Pope discuss TMD, […]


In Running from Injury part 2, Dr Rich Willy will help you assess and retrain running in your patients with achilles tendinopathy, patellofemoral joint pain, ITB Syndrome and stress fractures. We explore the latest evidence and how it will help you address pain and injuries related to running. You will discover: Treadmill or overground running […]


Are you looking to improve your assessment & treatment of runners? Would you like to know exactly what to look for in a running assessment? What are the most important factors to treat when your running patients have achilles tendinopathy? How is that different when they have patellofemoral joint pain (PFJP)? The research around running […]


The rotator cuff and rotator cuff tendons are often involved in shoulder pain, and targeted with our treatment. Dr Chris Littlewood is a Physio and senior research fellow at the University of Sheffield, and spends a large portion of his time studying and treating shoulder pain, including rotator cuff tendinopathy. In this episode, Chris and […]


Proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT) occurs in athletes, runners, weightlifters, and other athletes, as well as more sedentary patients, causing pain at the hamstring origin and limiting your patients ability to sit, run and continue to be active. There are a number of structures that can contribute to pain in this area, and in this podcast, […]


How can you treat your patient’s lateral elbow pain (lateral epicondylalgia (LE)/tennis elbow)? How and when should you progress your patient’s exercise program? Is pain during their exercise program ok? In this episode, which is Part 2 of Lateral Elbow pain with Dr Leanne Bisset, we explore in detail how you can differentially diagnose LE from […]


Lateral elbow pain (lateral epicondylalgia/tennis elbow) affects a lot of athletes, manual workers and office workers, and can respond fantastically to Physiotherapy treatment, or in other patients with a similar presentation, not at all.  Dr Leanne Bisset is a Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy lecturer and researcher at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia that has extensively researched and published […]


Physio Edge 043 Sporting Shoulder with Jo Gibson

by David Pope on February 16, 2016

Shoulder pain and injury in overhead athletes is very common and has a high recurrence rate. In this podcast with Jo Gibson we discuss sporting shoulder injuries and rehabilitation, including: The role of the Rotator Cuff Train strength or efficiency in the Rotator Cuff? Rotator Cuff muscle balance When is (and when isn’t) surgery necessary […]


In Episode 41 of the Physio Edge podcast, Dr Christoph Spang and I discussed how Plantaris may play a role in Achilles tendinopathy. In this episode of the Physio Edge podcast, I discuss with Seth O’Neill how you can identify Plantaris involvement in your patients, and adjust and progress your conservative treatment of Achilles pain […]


Plantaris tendinopathy and compression of Plantaris on the Achilles has been shown to play a role in some cases of Achilles Tendinopathy, slowing down the rate of rehabilitation progress. Dr Christoph Spang is a Biologist and Sports Scientist, and completed a PhD on “The plantaris tendon in relation to the Achilles tendon in midportion Achilles […]


How complex does your shoulder assessment need to be? How can you can simplify your shoulder assessment and treatment? Download your free handout on the Shoulder Simplified Find out in episode 40 of the Physio Edge podcast with Adam Meakins, where Adam and I discuss: Common mistakes Physio’s make in assessment and treatment of the […]


Patellofemoral joint pain (PFJP) is very common in adolescents, and in the Physio Edge podcast episode 39, I discuss causes, assessment and treatment with the author of numerous studies on PFJP in Adolescents, Dr Michael Rathleff. You will explore: Different types/groups of Adolescents that suffer with PFJP Common reasons for failure of Physiotherapy Diagnosis and […]


Plantar Fasciopathy (Plantar heel pain) can be a stubborn condition to treat, or you can learn to love treating it like Dr Michael Rathleff, incorporate the right loading program and activity modification and get some great results. In episode 38 of the Physio Edge podcast, I talk to Dr Michael Rathleff, author of the RCT […]


Pilates is commonly known and used for rehabilitation of persistent low back pain, however Pilates principles and equipment can also be used for assessment and treatment of pain beyond the pelvis and lumbar spine. In episode 37 of the Physio Edge podcast, Lana Johnson, a Physiotherapist at BPS Tensegrity in Sydney and I discuss how you […]


Mike Stewart and I discussed persistent pain on Physio Edge podcast episode 35, and in this episode Mike and I further explore persistent pain and helpful language you can use with your persistent pain patients. We uncover how you can use group sessions with your persistent pain patients, as well as: How the bio fits into biopsychosocial How you can develop an […]


PE #035 Know Pain with Mike Stewart Part 1

by David Pope on March 25, 2015

Persistent pain can be a challenge, and also enjoyable to treat. In this episode of the Physio Edge podcast, Mike Stewart and I focus on specific examples and case studies of patients with complex or persistent pain, how you may approach persistent pain patients, explain their pain, use metaphors and explanations so they understand it, and […]


PE #034 Advanced ACL Rehabilitation with Enda King

by David Pope on February 19, 2015

The advanced stages of ACL rehabilitation are enjoyable to progress your patients through, and at the same time challenging to find the right exercises, and optimise the rate of progression through to return to training (RTT) and return to play (RTP). In this episode, Enda King from the Sports Surgery Clinic Dublin and David Pope […]


Anterior knee pain can occur in your elite sports patients right through to office workers and weekend warriors. In this podcast with Kurt Lisle, we discuss anterior knee pain, the causes, how to diagnose the source of the pain, and the best ways to treat and rehabilitate these patients. Kurt Lisle is the Australian Socceroos […]


ACL injuries can be career ending, or they can be an opportunity to sort out movement efficiency, motor control and technical skills, coming back from the rehabilitation process with more power, speed and efficiency than your patients had before they injured their ACL. Enda King from the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin currently completing his PhD […]


Shoulder pain patients often have poor scapula control. Is their shoulder pain caused by poor scapula control, or is their scapula dysfunction caused by shoulder pain? When your patients present with shoulder pain, should your focus be on scapula control, glenohumeral control, or treatment of the neck and thorax? In this podcast, David Pope talks […]


PE #030 CrossFit Injuries with Antony Lo

by David Pope on October 24, 2014

CrossFit is a very popular method of improving strength and fitness, and CrossFit athletes have a variety of common injuries. Training errors and the athlete’s biomechanics often contribute to these injuries, and identifying incorrect biomechanics and other contributing elements in their training is often the key to helping your patients recover from injury, train pain free […]


PE #029 Acute Knee Injuries with Kurt Lisle

by David Pope on July 9, 2014

Acute Knee Ligament injury, ACL injuries, Postero-lateral corner (PLC) Injuries, Knee Surgery and return to sport. On Episode 29 of the Physio Edge podcast, David Pope is joined by the Australian Socceroos Physio Kurt Lisle, a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist to discuss assessment and management of Acute knee injuries. On this podcast, David and Kurt discuss: Acute […]


David Pope and Dr Kristian Thorborg (Physiotherapist, PhD) discuss screening and rehabilitation of groin injuries. Find out in this podcast: Which tests to use when screening for potential groin injuries Prevention tactics Acute groin injuries – initial management and exercise progressions Rehabilitation of adductor related groin pain Rehabilitation of hip flexor related groin pain Rehabilitation […]


In this controversial episode of the Physio Edge podcast, Dr Nathan Gibbs and I discuss managing sports injuries in a team setting. Dr Nathan Gibbs has worked with many professional sports teams, including the Sydney Swans for 15 years, 10 years with South Sydney Rugby League Football club and is one of the owners of […]


Gymnastics places some fairly unique demands on fairly young bodies. In episode 26 of the Physio Edge podcast, I discuss these demands with Kingsley Gibson, a Sports Titled Physiotherapist that has worked with Australian Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Shooting and Hockey teams at a number of Commonwealth and Olympic games, and works with elite gymnasts on […]


How can you identify the reason your patient has groin pain and the structures that may be causing it? Groin pain is one of the most common issues in a lot of sports, particularly the football codes, and in episode 25 of the Physio Edge podcast, David Pope talks to Dr Kristian Thorborg about assessment […]


The thorax is often considered stiff and stable by Physiotherapists and manual therapists, and precious little of our undergrad or postgrad training incorporates motor control of this area. Is it really important? In episode 24 of the Physio Edge podcast, LJ Lee and David Pope explore the function of the thorax, the impact the thorax […]


Lower limb tendinopathies with Dr Peter Malliaras Tendinopathies are a hot topic, and there are lots of new developments in research and treatment. Dr Peter Malliaras, a Physiotherapist with a PhD studying tendinopathy, has a special interest in the treatment of tendinopathy, and treats elite basketball and volleyball, EPL football, rugby, and cricket players, the […]


Dr Kieran O’Sullivan is back on the Physio Edge podcast after talking previously about hamstring injuries, this time discussing his other big area of interest and expertise – chronic low back pain (CLBP). In this episode, Kieran and David Pope discuss Recent research on chronic low back pain Central vs peripheral contributions to CLBP Sitting […]


Shoulder pain – what are the causes, and how can you treat it? Are your special tests around the shoulder really isolating and identifying pathology? How can the rotator cuff still function with small and large tears? In Episode 21 of the Physio Edge podcast, Jeremy Lewis and David Pope discuss these questions and more […]


PE #020 Women’s Health with Lori Forner

by David Pope on August 17, 2013

Is “peeing while you work out” in Crossfit or any other type of exercise ok? When does your patients pelvic floor need more muscle activation, and when does it need less work? Does Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) need addressing, and if so, how? In episode 20 of the Physio Edge podcast, I talk to Lori […]


What are the best ways to avoid hamstring injuries? What are the main factors to consider in hamstring rehabilitation? How does muscle strength relate to hamstring injury? How can we screen for or predict hamstring injuries? In episode 19 of the Physio Edge podcast, Kieran O’Sullivan, PhD of the University of Limerick, Physiotherapist and co-author […]


PE #018 Exploring the Pelvis with Diane Lee

by David Pope on April 30, 2013

How can the pelvis contribute to pain and dysfunction? Is the SIJ the main pain producer around the pelvis, or what is? What is the state of current research around the pelvis? Is it possible to feel “unlocking” of the SIJ? Do Pelvic Upslips exist? In episode 18 of the Physio Edge podcast Diane Lee […]


PE #017 Injury Reduction with Dr Peter Brukner

by David Pope on December 24, 2012

How can you reduce the chance of sporting injury? What are the most useful recovery aids from games and training? When are injections helpful in injury recovery? In episode 17 of the Physio Edge podcast, Dr Peter Brukner, fresh from working with Liverpool Football Club in the EPL, co-author of Clinical Sports Medicine with Dr […]


Hamstrings are one of the most common acute muscular injuries in athletics and team sports. In this episode of the Physio Edge podcast I discuss recent research with promising results preventing hamstring injuries with Dr Kristian Thorborg, a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist in Copenhagen, Denmark. This podcast is hosted by David Pope, an Australian Physiotherapist. Tags: […]


PE #015 Cervicogenic headaches with Ken Niere

by David Pope on August 1, 2012

  How can you recognise when the cervical spine is involved in a patients headache? How can you treat headaches caused by cervical dysfunction? What role does manual therapy play in their treatment? When and how should you treat their cervical motor control? In this podcast, Ken Niere and David Pope discuss cervicogenic headaches, effective […]


What is contributing to your patients low back pain? How do you know when manual therapy, education, exercise, motor control programs, CBT or any other approach for chronic LBP will be helpful? In episode 14 of the Physio Edge podcast, Peter O’Sullivan and David Pope discuss chronic low back pain, Peter’s research into this area, […]


Treatment of the cervical spine often involves some degree of manual therapy or manipulation, and VBI testing is generally encouraged or required prior to this. In this episode of the Physio Edge podcast, Roger Kerry, a Physiotherapist, Lecturer and Researcher from Nottingham University and David Pope discuss Cervical Arterial Dysfunction (CAD), the accuracy and limitations […]


  David Pope and Russell Wright talk about everything to do with feet and ankles. Plantar Fascia and Achilles Tendinopathy are conditions that need good differential diagnosis and specific tailored treatment programs, especially in runners, and in this episode we chat about how you can get the best results with these patients. We cover: causes […]


Hamstrings are one of the more frequently injured muscles in sportspeople, and in this episode, Alison and I discuss hamstring tendinopathy, symptoms, assessment and treatment of this common condition. Some of the aspects we explore in this podcast are: Subjective clues that someone may have a Hamstring Tendinopathy Differentiating Hamstring Tendinopathy from pain of Lumbar […]


Barefoot running has been sweeping the globe in the last few years, and as a Physio, which of your patients are best suited to this type of running technique. How does running technique relate to a runner’s pain and dysfunction, and really, what is the ideal running technique? In this podcast with Blaise Dubois – […]


PE #009 Lateral Hip Pain with Dr Alison Grimaldi

by David Pope on January 2, 2012

Patients regularly present for Physiotherapy with lateral hip pain. This is often aggravated by walking or standing, sidesleeping, performing hip stretches, and sitting, amongst other activities, and lateral hip pain can often mimic lumbar spine pathology. In this podcast, Alison and I discuss symptoms, assessment and treatment of an extremely common cause of lateral hip […]


All golfers want to hit as far as Tiger Woods, but without the injuries. How can you treat the injuries in your golfing patients, prevent further injury and improve their “coachability” and performance? Golfers regularly need Physio treatment for injuries like tendinopathy around the elbow, low back and neck pain, and plenty of other injuries. […]


PE #007: Dry Needling with Andrew Hutton

by David Pope on November 29, 2011

Dry Needling has become incredibly popular in Physiotherapy recently. Is dry needling really the way forward for Physios? In this podcast I chat with Andrew Hutton of Dry Needling Plus, presenter of the Dry Needling Plus courses for Clinical Edge, and we discuss dry needling and whether it complements regular Physio treatment. Some of the […]


When should Transversus (TA) be included in your patient rehab? When is TA retraining a waste of time? Are your patients running like a block of wood with legs? Is planking good for anything other than entertaining your mates? How can we go beyond just treating the pain experience to connect with your patient and […]


PE #005: Tendons and tendinopathy with Jill Cook

by David Pope on October 6, 2011

What causes tendon breakdown? What are the stages of tendinopathy, and how do they effect your treatment? Is treatment just about eccentric training? When should NSAID’s be used? This is part of the great discussion I had with Jill Cook about tendons and tendinopathy. We also chatted about some other aspects of tendinopathy, including Factors […]


  Acetabular Labral tears in the hip are becoming more commonly diagnosed and operated on. In this episode, I chat to Nichole Hamilton, a Physio with a lot of experience treating hips, designing post-op arthroscopic hip protocols and lecturing about the hip. Some nice insights into hip injuries and diagnosing and treating labral tears. This […]


Andrew Ryan is a Sports Physio with the Australian Qantas Wallabies, and in this weeks episode Andrew and I chat about acute injury management, player screening, on-season treatment, corks, adductors. Some great insights into elite sports management. This podcast is brought to you by Physio Edge, hosted by David Pope, and sponsored by Clinical Edge.   […]


Analyse movement using your manual skills and palpation, plus insights into what clinical expertise and “Evidence Based Practice” really means – an interview with LJ Lee. This podcast is brought to you by Physio Edge, your host David Pope, and the podcast sponsor, Clinical Edge.   Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes       […]


An Interview with David Butler Physio Edge Podcast #1 – Fascinating insights into pain, painful experiences, and neurodynamics from one of the world’s leading neuroscience and pain experts. Learn why we (and our patients) experience pain, the latest research in pain and pain management. Learn how to talk to your patients to reduce their pain […]