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Plantar Fasciopathy Anatomy and Identification video

by David Pope

Plantar fasciopathy is one of the most common foot conditions, and Rob Standen, a Physiotherapist who worked with the Penrith Panthers for more than 17 years, works at Penrith Physiotherapy and Sports Centre, and has a special interest in the foot and ankle, has seen his fair share of them.

In this entertaining and informative video, Rob takes us through the anatomy and identification of plantar fasciopathy.

In the full presentation available for Clinical Edge members, you will also learn the development and staging of this condition, and a detailed presentation on a loading approach to treat this condition. You will learn how to tape your patients feet with very specific taping, load the plantar fascia the right amount to create tendon adaptation and improve load capacity, as well as assess other areas of the body for their impact on the plantar fascia.


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