PE #014 Chronic Low Back Pain with Peter O’Sullivan

image courtesy of Curtin University

by David Pope

What is contributing to your patients low back pain? How do you know when manual therapy, education, exercise, motor control programs, CBT or any other approach for chronic LBP will be helpful? In episode 14 of the Physio Edge podcast, Peter O’Sullivan and David Pope discuss chronic low back pain, Peter’s research into this area, and the approach of Peter and his team to getting over chronic low back pain. Some of the topics we dug into include:

  • Causes, classification and treatment of chronic low back pain (CLBP)
  • Common treatment errors
  • Identifying mechanical contributors
  • When manual therapy is helpful
  • Myths around “core stability” for CLBP
  • What is the current evidence base for CLBP classification and treatment
  • Tips for treatment of CLBP
  • A lot of other great treatment advice for CLBP….
What are your thoughts? Let us know below – I will be reading out the best comments on the next podcast..

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Peter O’Sullivan at Curtin University (image of Peter O’Sullivan courtesy of Curtin University)

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  • Scott Charles

    Thanks for that podcast Dave. Brilliant. I wrote about three pages of notes whilst listening.I think we have given lip service to the the impact of beliefs/anxiety etc on pain and function for too long and Peter is leading the way in integrating this into practice in a very real way. I feel lucky to have people like Peter O'Sullivan working so hard for our profession and the people who use our services. Thanks again and keep em coming.

  • David Pope

    Hi Scott. I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast, Peter definitely had some great insights and has found a great way to tie it all together for chronic pain, it's nice to hear you got a lot out of it.



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  • Jon Kosta

    Is the page Peter is talking about in the end up and running?

    Thanks for a brilliant podcast by the way!

    • David Pope

      Not that I'm aware of Jon. Glad you enjoyed the podcast.

  • Rob Birdsall

    Thanks for the podcast David! I've enjoyed all of them, but #17 with Peter O'Sullivan was of particular interest to me. I think Peter is doing fantastic work and shedding new light on how we look at chronic low back pain. I think that as an interviewer you ask the questions that many of the listeners are thinking of, but you also allow your guests to guide the podcast and explore their areas of interest/expertise. Keep up the good work!

    • David Pope

      Thanks for the feedback Rob, glad you're enjoying the podcasts!

  • Karen Mullen

    Thanks for the Podcast excellent info!
    Do you know the journal article he mentions at the end? RCT on patient satisfaction looking @ this approach to LBP?

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  • Steve Patrick

    This was very interesting podcast. Good interview Dave!

    I just listened to the Susan Lee one before so did make rather interesting listening, someone so biomechanically aware and focused and then Peter talking about the contributors of ongoing pain.

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