New Filemaker Pro 12 – customisable clinic software?

by David Pope

I’ve been looking into clinic software lately that is Mac and iPad compatible, and let’s just say there’s not a lot out there that will work on both (without slowing the Mac down with Windows software), and is reasonably priced. Low and behold, Apple subsidiary Filemaker have released a brand new version today – Filemaker 12, with a free iPad and iPhone app. It seems to be fully customisable, and the fact that it can be used on the iPad (my choice of clinic hardware), is definitely a plus.


It has got a free trial for 30 days, so I’ve downloaded Filemaker Pro, and will give it a solid try, and post updates as the month progresses.

Here’s a link if you’re interested (no, it’s not an affiliate link)

Have you used Filemaker before? What software do you use in your clinic? Let us know in the comments below…

  • Tim

    Hi I am a physical therapist very interested to find out if file maker pro works for note taking on an iPad while in sessions. I am very interested in your progress please keep me updated. I have tried a few software programs free trials but none have been able to satisfy my needs in the clinic, I would like to know if you can annotate on a anatomical picture of a body and or parts of the body?


    • Yes you can!

      We are certified FileMaker developers currently working on a bespoke solution for a physiotherapy practice in NZ. The drawing/annotation capability is a customized development but we will also be deploying the photo and new video capture features to support graphical before-and-after recording of progress and mobility improvements etc.

      The new FileMaker Server 12 has streaming video delivery making serving this to an office full of iPads very achievable. We're also deploying the brilliant new file storage capabilities to import and archive 10 years worth of scanned hard copy records.

      If this sounds interesting we'd be happy to arrange a TeamViewer or Skype demonstration of the project to date.

      • David Pope

        Hi Matthew

        Thanks for your comments. Sounds interesting, how does it go integrating clients with the calendar ie tracking patient appointments and payments?


        • Matthew Roscoe

          We're currently deploying a modified version of the SeedCode calendar (which is very popular in the FileMaker world). It provides a good graphical interface allowing us to show bookings for multiple practitioners etc.

          Payments is reasonably sophisticated and supports multiple "pay rates" for subcontracted physios and a combination for Full payments and Co-payments based on the various insurers' schedules. Invoicing will support both on the spot cash-sales and consolidated billing for insurers. Individual physics will be able to 'sign-off' their own time sheets which are then approved by management before processing the insurer billings.

          It will also provide a semi-automatic integration to NZ's ACC service using their API. As part of that process, treatments are usually funded in blocks and the system will track the progress of a block and prevent over-bookings etc.

          With respect to Elaine's comment below; while it isn't part of the specification for this project, FileMaker Go is eminently suitable for delivering a satellite solution that enables offline work to be synced periodically. We've already done this in other projects where the off-site usage is very remote.

      • Hi Matthew,

        I'm a clinical naturopath with an office full of Mac products, I would like a practice management system similar to Front Desk and have been looking into FileMaker… I would love something that is already built to save the time it would take for my office staff and I to do it ourselves. Do you have anything for us?

      • Andy

        Hi just reading your reply, I am looking into software for my practice. Have you got a system running that will work with ACC in NZ. Direct billing, lodgement of ACC45s and accepts co payments? If so I would be extremely interested. Thanks

  • David Pope

    Hi Tim

    You can check out my latest post, I have detailed where I am at with Filemaker Pro at… . What software have you tried?


    • ezypaass

      Hi David,
      Not sure where you are up to these days with FM and Physio software but I have just finished (after many years) programming a Physio Accounts and Assessment package in FM. I am a physio and have been using FM to record and store my notes and correspondence etc for over 10 years as I have been developing the program. It is now ready for public release. You can have a look at if your are interested. I think it covers most of the needs your outlined on your FM 12 post.

  • Hi David,

    I'm currently weighing up several off-the-shelf options for our sites and so far Cliniko looks about the most promising. Haven't loaded it up yet but when we last spoke to them it seemed to meet our requirements re multiple platforms (ie Mac, PC, i-pad and i-phone). At the moment we need ideally need something which can be accessed remotely from multiple devices (ie cloud based) but which allows clinicians to continue to book and take notes from outreach clinics where internet is unreliable/unavailable.

    We've also looked at Ealth, one that seems to be used by quite a few osteos. It runs on a Mac, PC and I-Phone. I don't know about I-Pad, you'd have to check with them directly. While their current version doesn't have the features I'm looking for, all practices are different and they might be worth checking out in terms of the stuff you're after.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi I am a physical therapist very interested to find out if file maker pro works for note taking on an iPad while in sessions

  • Hallowered

    Hello dude, really like this concept. I did not know much more about customisable clinic software but the allocation you did here makes me knowable about Filemaker Pro 12. Thanks
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  • Still learning about about customisable clinic software!!! Got an inspiration to use this software as well. I was in the hunt for this type of reading as well. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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