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Clinical Edge ( makes this website possible, providing the funding for the podcasts and blogposts, as well as access to different fantastic Physiotherapists and lecturers, while providing brilliant online education and face to face courses specifically for Physiotherapists.

Always searching for ways to improve the standard of Physiotherapy worldwide and inspire Physiotherapists in the clinical practice, Clinical Edge was born, and has provided great education for Physiotherapists for the last 7 years (previously as Physiotherapy Healing Solutions).

Please support Clinical Edge in their online education, to continue to enable this great resource, and also the Physio Edge website to continue to provide clinical inspiration.

Clinical Edge offers online Physio education with unlimited access. New topics and videos are posted every two weeks, and you can access the entire library of online videos. Some of the online topics include:


  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Achilles Tendinopathy in Runners
  • Groin Injuries – Assessment and Management
  • Mountain bike injuries and setup
  • Assessment of Swimmers
  • Plantar Fasciopathy – a loading program
  • Acetabular Labral tears – assessment and rehab
  • Forefoot injuries – assessment and treatment
  • Tibialis Posterior tendinopathy – assessment and treatment
  • Ankle rehabilitation
  • Advanced ankle rehabilitation
  • MRI of the knee
  • Thoracic spine and rib dysfunction
  • Impact injuries to the shoulder
  • Advanced ACL Rehabilitation
  • The Thoracic Ring Approach – Assessment and Treatment with LJ Lee
  • Hamstring rehabilitation – the latest research
  • Using the H-test in RTP decisions following hamstring injury
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of adductor tendinopathy – a graded program
  • Returning your torn hamstrings to sports – assessment and graded exercise program

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Clinical Edge also organises face to face courses, which are indispensable for your hands-on assessment and treatment. These courses include:

Dry Needling Plus courses with Andrew Hutton
Discover Physio Series – one of only three places in the world to offer this course. This course will be held in Sydney in 2015
The Sports Pelvis – with LJ Lee
The Sports Thorax – with LJ Lee
The Irritable Hip – with Nichole Hamilton
Mountain Bike setup, screening and exercise prescription – with David Pope
Lower Limb Biomechanics – with Russell Wright

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At Clinical Edge, we believe that when your clinical skills are supported and progressed with great education, you will achieve the best results from your treatment.  You will feel fulfilled and confident, and this will lead to even better patient rapport and improve your results even further.

We want our education to inspire you to innovate new ways to assess and treat patients. Our education is presented so that you can use the clinical tools straight away, and then use this to develop your own unique clinical approach. We will help you build a great framework and clinical reasoning ability, and then support you with ongoing education to keep building your knowledge and keep you up on the cutting edge of treatment tools available.