Post image for APA endorses “supportive” football boots to “prevent Sever’s”

APA endorses “supportive” football boots to “prevent Sever’s”

by David Pope

What is an endorsement for football boots? Does it mean it actually does what the manufacturer says it does, or that the company has paid money for an endorsement? I’m quite interested by the statement in the latest In Motion magazine:

“The APA now endorses the ASICS 2012 Football Range, which is designed to protect footballers from stress and injury to the knee, ankle and foot. According to an ASICS fact sheet, research suggests that inappropriate footwear increases the likelihood of younger athletes developing Sever’s disease”.

Does this mean the APA agree that the “studies” demonstrate lower injury rates with “supportive footwear”, or that they are good at quoting promotional material? Which studies exactly show that rigid, supportive football boots lower injury rates?

I would like to see a move by the footwear companies to incorporate more flexible, minimalist footwear so we can prevent the reliance on external supports and braces for growing feet. Let’s get kids into shoes from an early age that are soft, flexible and help to train their feet.

What are your thoughts?


  • Nice post Dave, I am also concerned about the APA's biased association with a corporate sponsor & an apparent lack of real evidence to support this statement. My thoughts about Sever's is that this style of football boots are a pill for a pill. The first pill was the bulky jogger's our kids are suddenly recommended to support their feet for no apparent reason. This then reduces the tissues ability to bear load at the end of range due to the shoes heel raise limiting this. Now if the child then starts to increase their activity in a standard football boot (without a high elevated heel-Asics style), which allows a more normal range, it becomes overloaded. So then you have to support the foot forever in elevated shoes because the tissues have adapted to this situation. Asics will then be grateful for the annual donation they get from the problem they have created "& solved"! This is my opinion based on clinical observation, as there is not good quality evidence yet to support or refute it, we are waiting for that & until then I am using reasoning from a mechanical tissue overload model.

  • Great post

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