About Physio Edge

Physio Edge was started by David Pope, an Australian Physiotherapist and the Managing Director of Clinical Edge, as another means to inspire Physiotherapists, provide access to fantastic interviews and discussions with world-leading Physiotherapists, and stimulate our thinking about WHY we are Physiotherapists.

With regular blogposts and podcasts, this is a place for the Physio community to share thoughts and come together for some discussion.

I look forward to getting to know you all better.


About Clinical Edge

Clinical Edge (www.clinicaledge.com.au) makes this website possible, providing the funding and access to different fantastic Physiotherapists and lecturers, while providing brilliant online education and face to face courses specifically for Physiotherapists.

Always searching for ways to improve the standard of Physiotherapy worldwide and inspire Physiotherapists in the clinical practice, Clinical Edge was born, and has provided great education for Physiotherapists for the last 5 years (previously as Physiotherapy Healing Solutions).

Please support Clinical Edge in their online education, to continue to enable this great resource, and also the Physio Edge website to continue to provide clinical inspiration.